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Vilati Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek

We all want to see this fight!
Adamek was in time know for his Power in lighter categories than heavyweight, but with the raise to heavyweight division that power has now disappeared and he becomes now a out boxer.
I can predict that Adamek will have tremendous difficulties to win this fight, he only can last if he runs out the way of Klitschko big shots.
I presume that Adamek will adopt that kind of strategy and sooner or later when he approach to land his own shots, Klitschko will put him into sleep!

My prediction?? Adamek will be stopped on the first 3 rounds!
Tell me what do you think about it!

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Berto defeats Zaveck

Well it was a bad night for Zaveck and we all have seen that Berto is ready for Ortiz!
Well both fighters have landed solid punches but Zaveck's face started to bleed and while she screams to let him continue the referee put an end to the fight at the fith roud.

Berto said that he is focus,hungry and ready for a rematch against Ortiz while Zaveck lamented his bad luck and that it could be a very different and better fight if it wasn't the injury to come up!

Well bad luck for Zaveck that couldn't defend his title for the fourth time but we all want to see both of them on the ring again!
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Wladimir set to fight before January!

Wladimir Klitschko will defend the title once more in November or December.
Once it's getting hard to find good fights for Wladimir Klitschko, Boent(Wladimir manager) says that they are still looking for a name.The fight will take place in Germany like the most of wladimir fights.
Well we all hope they to choose wisely or this fight coud be very disappointing like his last fight on July.

We all want to see wladimir fighting but with an opponent that his truly ready for the fight!

And you? What do you think about wladimir?
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A lot of jabs!

Jabbing may be the Ortiz strategy to defeat Mayweather. De La Hoya is the responsable for Ortiz strategy!
De la Hoya said recently that he would have beaten Mayweather if he stuck with the jab instead of punch with him in their fight on 2007! Well i have to gave him reason cause in the end of first round De la Hoya built a sizable lead against Mayweather!

Well i think that Ortiz would not be able to stuck with jabs, he his a emotional fighter and as soon as Mayweathe hit Ortiz, he will try to retaliate and Mayweather will put him into Sleep.

And you? Tell me what you think about it!
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Zaveck vs Berto

Will Zaveck win the fight?
well we all know thar Zavec is a good and solid fighter but Berto is very different from the last fighters that Zavec had.
We will see if Berto truly deserves the title of being a step up and if he is, how big the step is?

Zaveck searches for something bigger than he is getting. This fight makes all sense since It would be the biggest win of Zaveck's career should he get the win, and from Berto's side, Zaveck is a credible opponent instead of what I feared we would see, which is Andre handled with kid gloves coming off of the loss.

And you? tell me what do you think about that.
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Danny Price fails the Olympics!

Rob McCracken dismissed Danny Price after losing his first fight of the European championships!
Price is now close to signing with a major promoter and could make his debut as pro in early October.

"Maybe in a few years I'll look back and regret not having got to the Olympics but I could be British champion by then and earning good money for my family.I've got a new goal now and that is to go as high as possible in the sport. Everyone wants to be a world champion one day. I've been an amateur for 13 years and I've got to sit down and work on my style."

Will be the professional price to high for Price?

Tell us what do you think!
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Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

Expert says the odds are equal! This fight is all about speed with Khan being the fastest boxer but Judah hhas plenti of power and we all know how vulnerable Khan is from his 1st round knockout loss to Breidis Prescott.
Khan wanted to fight Bradley, but Bradley decided to wait a little while longer before facing Khan. This fight will bring in more casual boxing fans because Judah has been in with the biggest stars such as mayweather Jr.
My bet goes to Judah because he hits with a lot of power and if Khan gets hit with one of judah's uppercuts he will be in trouble!
What about you? Make your bets.
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Top Fights (Part II)

Hi guys today i brought to you one japanese fight!
EPIC! Its just other top fight!

Tatsuya kawajira VS Takanori Gomi

Kawajiri vs Gomi por tatsuyakawajiri
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Fury - I can beat Wladimir

Unbeaten Tyson Fury claims he will "redeem heavyweight boxing" when he challenges for the British and Commonwealth titles against Dereck Chisora.

The Manchester fighter is hoping to add to his English heavyweight title when he takes on Chisora at Wembley Arena, believing that a victory will set up a potential shot at WBA, IBF and WBO title holder Wladimir Klitschko.
As well as his own personal aspirations, Fury also feels he owes it to the British public to produce a boxing masterclass following David Haye's failure to overcome Klitschko in their high-profile bout in Hamburg earlier this month.

"Hopefully I'll redeem heavyweight boxing come July 23. I'm going to go in there and give fight fans a real fight, value for money and what they want to see."
Tyson Fury
Quotes of the week
"I saw the Haye-Klitschko fight and didn't think it was a great fight to be honest, a lot of people got conned for their money," Fury told Sky Sports News HD.
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Brandon Rios vs. Urbano Antillon- Review

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Meaningful Prelims Could Help Strikeforce Roster Woes

Since Strikeforce's inception five years ago, the promotion has booked its preliminary undercard fights using mostly amateur matchups and professional bouts involving fighters that were signed to a one-off contract.

With a roster steadily growing as rapidly as the organization itself, Strikeforce has continued to do much of the same, sans one or two meaningful fights during the last handful of events, all while some fighters under contract are complaining about lack of fights and in a few cases, leaving the promotion completely.

Showtime is content to only air main card fights during their Strikeforce telecasts. A relationship with HDNet was rekindled for the undercard of "Fedor vs. Silva" last month and could be used again in the near future. In order to satisfy their burgeoning roster of fighters, wouldn't it be in Strikeforce's best interest to start booking some fighters for televised prelim bouts, televised or not?

I think so.

Jorge Gurgel was the most recent case of a regular Strikeforce fighter being relegated to the preliminary portion of a card, which took place last weekend at "Feijao vs. Henderson". He wasn't too happy about it, but after dropping two straight fights, it's a case of 'it is what it is' in a way. However, Gurgel was essentially placed there because the event took place in Columbus, Ohio and Gurgel is a resident of Cincinatti.

Prior to that, Strikeforce's trip to Houston last year was also the last time in which regular appearing Strikeforce fighters took precedence on an undercard for relevant fights.

I'm shedding light on the issue because of the following. In the last couple of months, Jay Hieron and Joe Rigsg have both left Strikeforce because of a lack of use. Lyle Beerbohm, Vitor Ribeiro and Tim Kennedy have all complained of the same. And now, Cris "Cyborg" Santos, arguably Strikeforce's most popular women's fighter and a proven draw, is now rumored to be considering a jump to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Brett Rogers will have gone an entire year without fighting under the Strikeforce banner in June, while Ovince St. Preux competed three times in a three-month span starting this past November.

With a mass exodus of fighters from Japan now making their way overseas, Strikeforce's roster is only going to continue to expand. The promotion has new-found momentum from the kickoff of its heavyweight grand prix tournament in February and doesn't need to hurt it in having a notable fighter such as Hieron or Riggs bolt to a competitor like Bellator or the UFC that offers a more consistent schedule.

The moral of the story is that Strikeforce should start using the preliminary portion of their cards to help satisy the needs of their current roster instead of wasting time promoting amateur fights and professional debuts. I have nothing personal against either, but those kind of things are suited for smaller organizations, not a promotion that is quickly becoming a strong alternative to the UFC.

In addition, meaningful preliminary fights will only help Strikeforce build up-and-coming prospects, something that the "Challengers" series is doing, but not all that often and certainly not in a helpful quanity.
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Barker targets world title

Sky Sports viewers can look forward to seeing more of unbeaten middleweight Darren Barker on their screens in 2011.

That's because the 28 year-old, who is aiming to fight for the World Middleweight title this year, has just signed a promotional deal with Matchroom Sport.

Barker had a frustrating year in 2010, with injury forcing him to pull out of defending his European and British belts against Matthew Macklin in September, but has set his sights on regaining the European title and wants to follow that with a world title shot as he returns to Sky Sports screens.

"I'm delighted to have joined Matchroom and it's fantastic to be back on TV again - showcasing my skills on Sky Sports is where I want to be," said Barker.

"The plan is to have three fights this year - regain the European title, defend it and then get challenging for a world title before the end of the year."

The former Commonwealth title holder returns to the ring for his 23rd fight, taking on Italian Domenico Spada for the EBU belt vacated by Macklin, with a likely date at the end of April. The Barnet fighter says he is itching to get back to boxing and is keen to draw a line under a difficult 2010 and focus on his three-fight plan.

"Last year was a nightmare really but you can't look back, I'm very optimistic for the rest of 2011 and if it all goes to plan the way we want it to, then potentially I could be World Champion at the end of the year, that's what it's all about," said Barker.

"It's a matter of taking each fight as it comes though and I'm concentrating 100 per cent on fighting Domenico Spada."

Matchroom Sport's managing director Eddie Hearn added: "We are delighted to welcome Darren Barker to the Matchroom Team. Darren is one of the boxing's brightest young stars and has one of the biggest followings in the UK.

"It has been a frustrating period for him but now it's all systems go to re-capture the European title he relinquished last year and get a shot at the World title before the end of 2011 - we know he has the ability to do the business and will be ensuring he gets there as quickly as possible."

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The best MMA entrances

Some fight fans don't like the big entrances; they just want the fighters to get to the cage or ring and fight. That's fine, but I appreciate when a fighter goes above and beyond to express himself, and shows he isn't a pugilistic automaton.

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Top Fights part 1

Today I decided to show you one of the best fights of all time.
MMA Bob Sapp vs. Nogueira. I recommend you watch from beginning to end!
Worth it!

Sapnog1 sho02
Enviado por elusiveburger. - Mais vídeos de esportes profissionais e amadores.

Sapnog2 sho02
Enviado por elusiveburger. - Descubra os últimos e melhores vídeos de esportes.
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Paquiao VS Mosley It has been written

See the Manny PACQUIAO vs Shane MOSLEY NYC Press Conference FULL and HD in News Stream

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World Combat League

For those who dont like MMA because its to violent or those who say that boxing its to calm, chuck norris gives you the answer!
WCL - World Combat League

The World Combat League (WCL) is a full contact, team-based martial arts competition. Each team (consisting of 5 men and 1 woman) is from a different city or region.
he WCL is a "striking war" with short fights, to encourage an all-out style of fighting. Any striking techniques from Boxing, muay thai, International-Style Kickboxing, and Full-Contact Karate are allowed. In order to maintain the fast pace of the action, clinching, holding or ground fighting (grappling) are prohibited.
The rules are typical of other full contact striking competitions, with some minor variation.
I advise everyone to take a look at this sport as it really is very intense and has some very nice moves.

Official website:
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Check out the new Streams on the top of this blog!

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Manny Pacquiao, unable to get even a response from Floyd Mayweather Jr. gauging his interest in a fight, instead will defend his welterweight belt against former champion Shane Mosley on May 7 in a pay-per-view fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

It will be a good fight (entertainment), although the press has been a little upset. theywanted but a Mayweather vs. Pacman again the fight of the century was postponed,perhaps it never happens.
Do not forget March 7 Pacquiao vs Mosley
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Boxing VS MMA (Part 2)

which I thought was the most dramatic boxing matches (those already seen, of course) and their counterparts in MMA. The result is the following list, with no particular order.

As you see, I just added videos of boxing matches assuming that since you are on that site, probably watched the MMA fights which I am referring. I also added just the highlights or the end of the fights mentioned here, but they are easy to find.

Hagler vs. Hearns = Liddell vs. Silva

In each case, three rounds, two of the greatest of all time.

Foreman vs. Moorer = Couture vs. Sylvia

Could that have been the best short of the glory one last time in ages which others usually retire? Guaranteed. Sylvia was overcome by a great strategy, and Moorer, was struck by the hardest fist of all times while winning, both fights were crazy and exciting.

Conn vs. Lewis I = Silva vs. Sonnen

Everything was going well until old habits come to light: Sonnen stupid again, Conn returned to being Irish.

Gatti vs. Ward I = Bonnar vs. Griffin I

Bonnar / Griffin may have had more significance on, but both fights are what they are fighting somewhat ugly, but extremely one of the most fun things that you may have already seen.

Ali vs. Frazier III = Fedor vs. Cro Cop

Both have their permanent place of honor in each sport by a litany of reasons, but more importantly for the magnitude of both can not fail to be cited. The two were also quite brutal.

Ali vs. Foreman = Bob Sapp vs. Nogueira
If you want someone to become a sports fan, show theme these fights. Nogueira had his moment Ken Norton and Sapp did half of what Foreman did (except in K-1), but both seemed Foreman Sapp and engines of destruction uninterrupted until the judges finished the fight.

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Boxe VS MMA(Part I)

I dearly love both sports, so I want you both are "Good health". It seems, however, that most fight fans want to win something (since it has a fucking life) and thus draw
a line on the floor throwing shit to the other side. For a long time, boxing fans were on top, but now the MMA seems to have delimited a permanent advantage (PPV sales, media presence,merchandise, etc.). . .
Still, there will always be the debate on each intangibilities Sports: Which is more technical? What are the greatest athletes? Which has more
This last question is that I believe is the most intriguing. Kid Nate said something in Inside Fights and found interesting:

A fan of the UFC just does not know what kind of warrior spirit to Most have their favorite fighters since the sport was structured away from long and exhausting wars that defined boxing
last century onwards. It's easy to be tough fighters athletic for several minutes at a time. The real test begins after the exhaustion and is resolved when the athlete can no longer rely on pure athleticism.

Of course there are stars in the UFC as tough mentally as Arturo Gatti or Jake LaMotta, but fans will never be allowed to watch that side of her MMA fighters. UFC fights are designed to be short and fast, attracting the small free time public.

As a result, fans have no idea if the "Strongest Man of Earth "is just a poser that looks tough and true warrior.
In boxing, the truth always comes to and impostors are exposed before reaching the status of idols.

But Magno has an interesting take on MMA fights and boxing. MMA fights tend to be shorter because of the reduced number of rounds and the different ways to finish fights. That means we see less epic battles of strength and heart that makes boxing so great. In my view, this is still the reason why we still watch boxing.
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Next UFC Fights - Sidney- 27 FEV

Main Card:
Jon Fitch vs. B.J. Penn
Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera
Dennis Siver vs. George Sotiropoulos
Carlos Condit vs. Chris Lytle
Chris Camozzi vs. Kyle Noke
Spencer Fisher vs. Ross Pearson
Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna
Riki Fukuda vs. Nick Ring
Mark Hunt vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Curt Warburton
Tom Blackledge vs. Anthony Perosh
Jason Reinhardt vs. Tiequan Zhang

Interesting fights:
-BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch
-Dennis Siver vs George Sotiropoulos
-Carlos Condit vs Chris Lytle
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