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World Combat League

For those who dont like MMA because its to violent or those who say that boxing its to calm, chuck norris gives you the answer!
WCL - World Combat League

The World Combat League (WCL) is a full contact, team-based martial arts competition. Each team (consisting of 5 men and 1 woman) is from a different city or region.
he WCL is a "striking war" with short fights, to encourage an all-out style of fighting. Any striking techniques from Boxing, muay thai, International-Style Kickboxing, and Full-Contact Karate are allowed. In order to maintain the fast pace of the action, clinching, holding or ground fighting (grappling) are prohibited.
The rules are typical of other full contact striking competitions, with some minor variation.
I advise everyone to take a look at this sport as it really is very intense and has some very nice moves.

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