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Boxe VS MMA(Part I)

I dearly love both sports, so I want you both are "Good health". It seems, however, that most fight fans want to win something (since it has a fucking life) and thus draw
a line on the floor throwing shit to the other side. For a long time, boxing fans were on top, but now the MMA seems to have delimited a permanent advantage (PPV sales, media presence,merchandise, etc.). . .
Still, there will always be the debate on each intangibilities Sports: Which is more technical? What are the greatest athletes? Which has more
This last question is that I believe is the most intriguing. Kid Nate said something in Inside Fights and found interesting:

A fan of the UFC just does not know what kind of warrior spirit to Most have their favorite fighters since the sport was structured away from long and exhausting wars that defined boxing
last century onwards. It's easy to be tough fighters athletic for several minutes at a time. The real test begins after the exhaustion and is resolved when the athlete can no longer rely on pure athleticism.

Of course there are stars in the UFC as tough mentally as Arturo Gatti or Jake LaMotta, but fans will never be allowed to watch that side of her MMA fighters. UFC fights are designed to be short and fast, attracting the small free time public.

As a result, fans have no idea if the "Strongest Man of Earth "is just a poser that looks tough and true warrior.
In boxing, the truth always comes to and impostors are exposed before reaching the status of idols.

But Magno has an interesting take on MMA fights and boxing. MMA fights tend to be shorter because of the reduced number of rounds and the different ways to finish fights. That means we see less epic battles of strength and heart that makes boxing so great. In my view, this is still the reason why we still watch boxing.