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Vilati Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek

We all want to see this fight!
Adamek was in time know for his Power in lighter categories than heavyweight, but with the raise to heavyweight division that power has now disappeared and he becomes now a out boxer.
I can predict that Adamek will have tremendous difficulties to win this fight, he only can last if he runs out the way of Klitschko big shots.
I presume that Adamek will adopt that kind of strategy and sooner or later when he approach to land his own shots, Klitschko will put him into sleep!

My prediction?? Adamek will be stopped on the first 3 rounds!
Tell me what do you think about it!

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Berto defeats Zaveck

Well it was a bad night for Zaveck and we all have seen that Berto is ready for Ortiz!
Well both fighters have landed solid punches but Zaveck's face started to bleed and while she screams to let him continue the referee put an end to the fight at the fith roud.

Berto said that he is focus,hungry and ready for a rematch against Ortiz while Zaveck lamented his bad luck and that it could be a very different and better fight if it wasn't the injury to come up!

Well bad luck for Zaveck that couldn't defend his title for the fourth time but we all want to see both of them on the ring again!
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Wladimir set to fight before January!

Wladimir Klitschko will defend the title once more in November or December.
Once it's getting hard to find good fights for Wladimir Klitschko, Boent(Wladimir manager) says that they are still looking for a name.The fight will take place in Germany like the most of wladimir fights.
Well we all hope they to choose wisely or this fight coud be very disappointing like his last fight on July.

We all want to see wladimir fighting but with an opponent that his truly ready for the fight!

And you? What do you think about wladimir?
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A lot of jabs!

Jabbing may be the Ortiz strategy to defeat Mayweather. De La Hoya is the responsable for Ortiz strategy!
De la Hoya said recently that he would have beaten Mayweather if he stuck with the jab instead of punch with him in their fight on 2007! Well i have to gave him reason cause in the end of first round De la Hoya built a sizable lead against Mayweather!

Well i think that Ortiz would not be able to stuck with jabs, he his a emotional fighter and as soon as Mayweathe hit Ortiz, he will try to retaliate and Mayweather will put him into Sleep.

And you? Tell me what you think about it!
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