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Boxing VS MMA (Part 2)

which I thought was the most dramatic boxing matches (those already seen, of course) and their counterparts in MMA. The result is the following list, with no particular order.

As you see, I just added videos of boxing matches assuming that since you are on that site, probably watched the MMA fights which I am referring. I also added just the highlights or the end of the fights mentioned here, but they are easy to find.

Hagler vs. Hearns = Liddell vs. Silva

In each case, three rounds, two of the greatest of all time.

Foreman vs. Moorer = Couture vs. Sylvia

Could that have been the best short of the glory one last time in ages which others usually retire? Guaranteed. Sylvia was overcome by a great strategy, and Moorer, was struck by the hardest fist of all times while winning, both fights were crazy and exciting.

Conn vs. Lewis I = Silva vs. Sonnen

Everything was going well until old habits come to light: Sonnen stupid again, Conn returned to being Irish.

Gatti vs. Ward I = Bonnar vs. Griffin I

Bonnar / Griffin may have had more significance on, but both fights are what they are fighting somewhat ugly, but extremely one of the most fun things that you may have already seen.

Ali vs. Frazier III = Fedor vs. Cro Cop

Both have their permanent place of honor in each sport by a litany of reasons, but more importantly for the magnitude of both can not fail to be cited. The two were also quite brutal.

Ali vs. Foreman = Bob Sapp vs. Nogueira
If you want someone to become a sports fan, show theme these fights. Nogueira had his moment Ken Norton and Sapp did half of what Foreman did (except in K-1), but both seemed Foreman Sapp and engines of destruction uninterrupted until the judges finished the fight.